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Good beer sold here

We're delighted to have been included in the 2023 CAMRA Good Beer guide. The Campaign for Real Ale was founded in 1971 and has a mission to secure the long term future of real ale by inceasing its quality, popularity and availabilty. Real ale is so called because it is delivered to pubs in casks still containing active yeast. The fermenting process is completed in the pub cellar, unlike keg beers and lagers which have finished fermenting before they leave the brewery. This leads to cask beers having a fresher taste which continues to develop. They are also famously served less chilled than lagers, although it is a fallacy that they are served at room temperature. The ideal is between 11 and 13 degrees Centrigade which makes them pleasantly cool, but not too cold to affect the aroma and taste.

CAMRA members visit all the tens of thousands of pubs in the UK that sell real ale and those that are judged to serve the perfect beer are included in their annual guide. You can read more about CAMRA by clicking on the image below.

Enjoy your pint!


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