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A Guinness without alcohol?

Well we wouldn't have thought it possible but apparently Guinness have revealed a version of their world famous stout that is entirely alcohol free. Called Guinness 0.0, somewhat unimaginatively, the company says the new beer has "the same beautifully smooth taste, perfectly balanced flavour and unique dark colour of Guinness Draught, just without the alcohol."

Brewers have different methods for removing the alcohol from their beers, with varying effects on the flavour. Guinness says its 0.0 is brewed exactly the same way as usual, but with an extra stage of cold filtration that removes alcohol without stressing the liquid. And as an added bonus it contains around half the calories of a normal Guinness.

Well it's currently only available in cans, and as we don't like drinking even regular Guinness from a can, we guess we will have to wait until next year when it becomes available on draught to find out it the new alcohol free version tastes any good. If it does, it will certainly make St Patrick's Day a little less wild.

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