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Is alcohol free gin, really gin?

Hot on the heels of Gordon's launching an alcohol-free gin, Tanqueray are now at it too with their unoriginally titled Tanqueray 0.0. Apparently its been distilled using the same botanicals as its regular London Dry including juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice and then, presumably, they cleverly remove the alcohol, But will it taste like gin?

According to Diageo, the makers, their innovation team has combined years of expertise and historic gin distilling knowledge to create a "credible alcohol free experience". Their aim was "to retain Tanqueray's distinctive flavours of piney juniper and faint lemon zest which when mixed with the perfect serve is exquisite in taste."

Well with that enthusiasm what can we do except put it on the shelf and let you try it for yourself. It will be on sale here when we re-open, although of course you'll have waited so long for the pubs to return by then you'll probably want the alcoholic version....

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