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See you next year!

Regrettably, with the news that London will be placed into "Tier 2" of the Government's coronavirus regulations we will not be able to re-open our pub when the current lockdown ends on 2nd December. Tier 2 regulations now mean that pubs can serve you an alcoholic drink only if you simultaneously order a "substantial meal". Although we serve some delicious food, we do not wish to force you to buy it if all you want is a quick pint or a cheeky G&T on the way home. Indeed you would not do so and we understand why.

Also the regulations prevent social mixing in pubs. You can spend all day in an office with your colleagues but we are not allowed to serve you drinks together in our pub after work, even though we have invested time and money in making our premises COVID19 secure as previously required by the Government.

As these Tier 2 regulations further severely limit the number of customers we can welcome to our little pub it follows they also seriously affect our profitability to the extent we would lose less money by staying closed until they are eased. We would also prefer to re-open our pub into an environment where you can relax with friends, enjoy yourself and generally feel at home, not one where you feel a klaxon may sound if you put a foot outside the many confusing Government regulations.

So let us pretend 2020 did not happen and we look forward to welcoming you back sometime in early 2021. In the meantime we wish you a Happy Christmas and a much more enjoyable New Year.


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