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A pub with no beer?

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Rumours are still circulating that pubs may be allowed to open earlier than "anticipated" (whatever date that means) if they don't serve alcohol. We've already had the Scotch egg madness and the 10pm curfew kerfuffle but now the craziness reaches a new level with this news that somebody in Government thinks it might be a good idea to make our customers drink soft drinks with their meals so you don't get too merry and forget to socially distance.

It might have escaped the notice of some in the Government that pubs have already limited customers to a maximum of 6 per table, that standing of any sort is no longer permitted other than a dash to the loo, sitting at the bar has been banned, hand sanitiser stations have been installed, you are no longer allowed to order drinks at the bar, our staff are wearing masks (as you must do when you make that dash to the loo) and we will all get heavily fined if we don't follow these myriad of rules. Quite frankly, after that lot we think you deserve a glass of beer or wine to make your visit worthwhile. If our overseers want to experience somewhere where social distancing is not controlled, a visit to their local supermarket will get them up close with strangers. Oh and they can buy themselves some alcohol at the same time.

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