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Farewell new friend

Following its launch into the UK in 2015, Hop House 13 premium lager has pretty much flooded the market, with pubs up and down the country selling the brand on draught, thanks mainly due to the huge investment and promotion put into it by its makers, Diageo. It seems to have been a lager that divided opinion and perhaps has never reached the level of love amongst customers that some of Diageo's other famous brands, eg Guinness, Gordon's gin and Smirnoff vodka, have reached.

Anyway now comes the news that Diageo are withdrawing keg sales of Hop House 13 with immediate effect so you will no longer see it on sale on draught in pubs. It appears Diegeo make continue with bottled sales but you have to wonder if after the millions of pounds they have spent promoting it over the last 5 years whether they have a new lager product up their sleeve. Maybe they should just have called it Guinness Golden.

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